Hidrosolución is a company that was born in 2000 to offer efficient solutions in the treatment and management of water for industrial, commercial and residential use. Since our inception, we have maintained our vision of efficient service and solutions, which we maintain to date with our most valuable resource: the people who are part of Hydrosolution.

At Hidrosolución , we are proud to build our systems with the highest quality products available in the market, as well as design our systems with people who love their work and put all their experience at their disposal.

Hidrosolución, Is fully capable of offering Basic Engineering, Detail, Procurement and Construction (IPC) services, in the management and treatment of water, which are easy to operate, low maintenance and occupy little physical space. At HES, we enjoy 16 years of experience in the development and implementation of water treatment technologies.

In Hidrosolución , we design systems according to the following principles: Independence, Delivery deadlines compliance, Quality within design specifications, Compliance with Venezuelan and other standards, Compact equipment, Modular systems, Minimum required spaces, Constant treatment, Control Computerized, automatic monitoring, minimum chemical consumption, highly flexible systems, simple operation, minimum on-site installation work, minimal supervision and maintenance.

Hidrosolución , after 15 years, has built more than 300 water treatment systems, all over Venezuela.

In Hidrosolución , we take water resource management seriously and contribute day by day with our systems that go to the market, improve water quality through the implementation of our products, as well as treat wastewater to avoid contamination of resources As well as reuse the resource to make the most of it.

No matter where you are, or whatever your water requirement, in Hidrosolución, we will gladly provide you with personalized attention that you require.

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