Based on the need to preserve, care for and properly use water sources, these are few water resources, which have given us a lesson of survival in the world, where it is no longer important to generate the resource, but take care of it drop by drop. HIDROSOLUCIÓN offers its services in the management and treatment of waste water.

  • Wastewater collection networks: HIDROSOLUCION designs, builds, installs and maintains sewage collection systems to prevent contamination of soils and water sources by proper piping to wastewater treatment systems.
  • Pumping stations for sewage: HIDROSOLUCION, projects and makes installations for pumping of waste water using high quality equipment that allows a high reliability of the system.
  • Wastewater treatment plants: HIDROSOLUCION designs, builds, installs and operates wastewater treatment plants through the use of physical, chemical and biological processes, complying with national and international regulations, allowing the reuse of water resources or Discharge to natural bodies of water avoiding the contamination of the water.


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