In HIDROSOLUCIÓN, we realize different projects IPC to be able to cover the different necessities the world that today demands drinking water for its progress. That is why we offer in the field of white water the following services:

  • Capture works: HIDROSOLUCIÓN, designs and builds works to capture surface sources, taking into account different factors such as the environment, the current and future population to serve, among others to meet the demand of users.
  • Pumping stations for white water: HIDROSOLUTION, designs and makes installations for pumping white water to distribution systems, tanks and other.
  • Storage Systems: HIDROSOLUCION, designs, builds and installs tanks for the storage of different liquids, such as water, fuel and chemicals, in different materials (fiberglass, carbon steel, stainless steel and concrete).
  • Water purification plants: HIDROSOLUCIÓN, designs, builds and installs plants for water treatment of different types, conventional, modular, reverse osmosis, for different water sources (underground, rivers or seas).
  • Clear water distribution networks: HIDROSOLUCIÓN, studies the distribution of urbanisms, as well as their topographies and consumptions to design systems of networks for water distribution, guaranteeing continuous and efficient service.
  • Disinfection systems: HIDROSOLUCIÓN, designs and supplies disinfection systems based on the injection of chlorine or ultraviolet light for the water supply of communities.


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