Israeli Utility to cut NRW using i2o Smart Water solution

Israeli Utility to cut NRW using i2o Smart Water solution

SOUTHAMPTON, UK – Israeli water utility Mei Carmel has awarded British smart water network company i2O a contract to use its loggers to monitor and measure the performance of its water network.

Mei Carmel supplies more than 24 million cubic meters of water a year to 260,000 residents and thousands of businesses in the city of Haifa, Israel.

The utility will use i2O’s dNet loggers and iNet visualisation and alarms service to improve the performance of its distribution network and reduce non-revenue water levels to less than five percent of supply.

Forty i2O loggers will be deployed across Mei Carmel’s network to record and communicate detailed data relating to water demand, flow and pressure.

Data gathered will inform Mei Carmel’s network optimisation strategy, enabling the water utility to adjust supply pressure to match demand, eliminating the excess pressure that accelerates leakage and bursts., an Israeli consulting firm specialising in water network optimisation, performed the network analysis that lead to this tender.

They will conduct the installation of the i2O loggers and, through collaboration with i2O and using their smart network solutions, will carry out ongoing analysis to ensure that Mei Carmel gain the maximum benefits from their investment.

Abraham Stav, chief operational officer at Mei Carmel, said: “Haifa is a mountainous area, which creates challenges in delivering the right level of pressure in the network to maintain a good supply without wasting water. Mei Carmel has committed to delivering exceptional customer service and reducing non-revenue water levels to less than five percent. i2O will help us to achieve that.”

Joel Hagan, CEO at i2O, said: “Reliable and accurate data is vital for water utilities seeking to make smarter decisions to improve network performance. I am pleased that Mei Carmel has recognised that i2O’s solutions provide a cost effective way of dealing with the challenges they face.”

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